I'm currently busy
I'm currently busy

Handcrafted pixels for custom interfaces

Coffee addict
Brainstorming and creative lead
Interactive Plateform
Multimedia Interface
Technical Consulting
Website creation
iPhone mobile apps device
Android et windows 7 mobile apps
iPad and tablets design
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All about me.

I bring ideas to the web and mobile devices with a unique and clean design approach adapted to the latest technology. I help make each visit on the web a renewed user experience.


With nearly 10 years of experience, Frédéric has gained valuable experience on several important brands such as LG, Yellow Pages Group, Fido, Dell, Health Canada, National Bank of Canada, Réseau de Transport de Longueuil and Super Écran.

For the past 3 years, he has worked as a freelance interactive art director (SDGQ member) on various local and international accounts. Committed and passionate, he can motivate his team and debate on creative ideas while working swiftly within tight deadlines.

At Sid Lee Montreal, from 2008 to 2010, he has worked on major accounts such as SAQ, Pomerleau, Rogers and Ubisoft. Previously, he worked as a web designer, ergonomist, programmer and integrator. These different positions have allowed him to develop good UX, digital advertising, integration and SEO skills. With a creative vision, he can use his artistic and technical aptitudes to meet the marketing goals of any types of projects.



Tips and ideation
Tips and ideation

Analyze creative needs, do searches and advice on ergonomics to meet the strategic approach.


Develop the concept and determine the interactive scenario. Ensure the art direction and graphic design.

Quality control
Quality control

Ensure the successful integration of visuals during the production phase and improvements to the interface.


Grand Prix Boomerang - Site d'entreprise à entreprise (B2B) - Grande entreprise Prix Grafika - Pomerleau - Programme d'identité visuelle – entreprise Cassies Awards ADISQ


Alogient Fidel Studio Ogilvy Montreal DentsuBos
Ressac Media Cossette Sid Lee Montreal
we+are interactive Cri agence TVA Interactive Tank
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Syndrome Interactive © 2012 | Français
Syndrome Interactive © 2012 | Français
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Syndrome Interactive © 2012 | Français

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